My Story

My Story

First, I offer deep respects and thanks to my direct teachers, whose guidance has enabled me to grow in the path of yoga. I am also grateful to the long line of teachers who have come before them, who have spent their lives learning and coming to understand the practice, and who have passed down the knowledge they received through direct teachings of their teachers and their teachers’ teachers. Each day I learn, too,  from the students. These interactions keep me reflecting on myself, which in turn helps me grow.

I left my home 5 years and went to find myself on the road. Ibiza, Bali, India, Italy, Portugal, a little island in Africa called San Tome, Ireland, Morocco that is the places where I lived and studied past 5 years. Yoga and traveling was having a profoundly positive impact on my life and felt that finding retreats, ashrams and yoga schools could provide me with a safe experience to travel alone and a chance to learn more about balanced living and well-being.  I was blown away at how restorative, healing, and magical the retreat centers and ashrams experiences were.  At the retreats I found the tools I needed to bring my best self forward.  I learned how to deepen my Yoga practice, to meditate, do Qi-Gong, and have fun without the typical ways people overindulge on vacations away from home.  I always returned home rested, inspired, and prepared to face my life with confidence and joy.

I made it a goal to get away to one or more retreats a year.  Then I found myself planning out my own day retreats at home once a month.  It started to become a way of life for me and I learned so much about integrating life-giving habits into my heart, mind, and body.

With patience and persistence I have created my dream –  Pranaholic  Retreats.  It is with gratitude and joy I offer myself, and all I have learned over the years, to you. I infuse ancient yogic wisdom into my work in a useful and understandable way, helping my clients achieve radiant health and develop themselves spiritually.  My classes are challenging, uplifting, and approachable, as I will take you beyond the physical aspects of yoga, and bring you into your own sacred space. I strive to make every class a new and exciting adventure.

The past three years I’m putting all my energy and free time into Conscious Feminine Practices. Endless books, workshops, women circles, moon lodges, and holistic hen parties – that is my calling and truest passion. My mission is to help you fall in love with yourself through yoga, breathing, tantra, shamanism, self-love rituals and become the radiant, luscious woman that I know you are!


Professional Courses and Certifications

Jan 2019           Yoga Nidra Course, Amsterdam (2 days) 

August 2018     Hormone Harmony & Menstrual Cycle Literacy, UK (16 days)

May 2018         Womb Yoga, Women’s Wellness TTC, Portugal (10 days)

April 2017        Tantra Essentials Training, Koh Phangan, Thailand (7 days)

March 2017     Vipassana Silent Meditation,  Koh Phangan, Thailand (10 days)

Febr 2017         Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Travis Elliot  (7 days)

Dec 2016          Acro Yoga Workshop, Morocco (3 days)

Aug 2016          SUP Yoga Teacher Training, Malta (50 hours)

Nov 2015          40 Yoga classes and workshops at “Yoga Barn”, Ubud, Bali

Oct 2015           Thai Yoga Massage Training, Chiang Mai, Thailand (40 Hours)

Dec 2014          Basics of Ayurveda Training  Goa, India

Nov 2014          Hatha Yoga and Yoga Therapy Teacher Training. Goa, India (200 hours)

2010 – 2014    RECREATION & TOURISM bachelor degree, Lithuania. This included 6  months  intensive course  of Tourism Animation  in Portugal



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